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Winter Fishing West Galveston Bay | New “Secret” Spot

I'm out at the Western Galveston Island going to a spot that I saw on Google Maps that I've always wanted to hit. The lodge is super foggy as you can tell, I have a nice giant canyon behind me than I'm not gonna take my truck over so I got a little bit of a haul ahead of me, we'll get launched then we'll get fishing.

We're stuck, and as you can see it's super foggy. It's a deep hole at the dead-end of this subdivision. The water is still pretty cold, about 61, but the air is warm today. It's gonna be about high 60's, low 70's but as you can see, there's a lot of fog. I'm hoping those fish are down in that hole, and it's going to be fairly easy to target them. Plan B is going to be trolling these canals in the subdivision. And plan C is probably gonna be up in the marsh, with an incoming tide all day till about two. High tide's at 4:24 so, I have a nice steady inflow all day long.

Winter Fishing West Galveston Bay | New "Secret" Spot 2

I'm fishing with a handicap today. I accidentally picked up my son's left-handed retrieve, SLX XT, not the DC so if I don't catch fish, I'm just gonna blame the gear 'cause I'm sure that has everything to do with it. It can't be my lack of ability. I've fished the other side of this island but never gone down here so, don't know how shallow it is. Near here there are houses with boat ramps so it should be pretty good through here. I wanna stay to the left of that little island and that should be my spot. I'm gonna try to push out the shore a little bit more, and then I'm gonna switch to the corky, work the corky back into this pocket and see if that makes a difference. Pushing against the wind is not the easiest thing to do but you can see the mullet over there flashing. This looks like a really good spot when the tide's a little bit higher. There's a flounder!

Here's a bait, and yeah it's a good fish. I'm fighting this thing left-handed, it's a nice looking trout. We'll let you go.

Now, this nice little guy I don't think is a keeper. Probably right at 15, we're not keeping small guys anyways but hey, it's a fish. I'm gonna switch it up real quick and go with the slightly darker chartreuse tail. The drift is really worth one, it's still pretty light. With the dark top, I'm not 100 percent sure what color this is, but It can be a Texas roach.

Winter Fishing West Galveston Bay | New "Secret" Spot 3

I swung back here into this little open area, which should be pretty deep. This little guy is probably a little speck I'm assuming. I caught a decent 17 inch speck on the troll. But when I stroll soft plastics, these little guys, just tear it up. In the upsize for sure.

I love finding a new spot on the map, hitting it and having it turn out to be relatively productive. I didn't catch a ton of fish but I can tell that area will help hold fish during the winter especially, and it's just a great thrill for me to go find a new spot and get out of my comfort zone. I'm gonna show you what factors went into me picking this exact spot because it's about conditions and where to fish them.

I'm gonna show you what the forecast was that day, what the tides were looking like and why I chose this spot. It was Tuesday, March 3rd and the tide was moving in pretty much all day long. I was gonna need to be off the water around lunchtime anyway and you can see it says constant inflow. I know I wanted to fish someplace that had a relatively tight cut and a deeper water. The air temp was in the 60's, water temp was in the low 60's and so I knew the fish were gonna be holding in deeper water. It was also gonna be a sunny day and so I wanted to have the opportunity to target them in shallower water as they came out as it warmed up.

Winter Fishing West Galveston Bay | New "Secret" Spot 4

As it turned out they were mostly holding in the deeper water all day long, but that's my thinking that went into it. The wind was base the east, south, east as well and it was gonna really be pushing them in. As we zoom in on the spot that I ended up fishing, you can see it is a relatively tight bowl, that is holding and it's exposed to east, south, east winds. I knew the water was going to be pushing the bait as well as the tide was gonna be pushing the bait up in there and I was hoping that the fish would follow the bait as they're getting tossed in there. That was somewhat the case, and because there was a lot of bait in there, there were some fish that I ended up catching.

Here's my general overview of how I find these spots. I'm in a kayak and this was my launch spot for the day, it's on the west on the island. It's a fairly popular, fairly well-known spot for both kayakers and weighted fishermen. Out during the summer, this spot is really nice and I was in for a couple of things. Deepwater with access to shallow water is a fairly typical pattern for the upper Texas coast during the winter and you can see there's some right here next to the lodge. A couple of weeks ago I had no luck and it didn't really seem too fishy so I started moving along down the coast to the west. As I started moving along down here, I saw this spot here, next to the island which is a deep cut.

Protective for the winds in this case again I'm mostly dealing with east winds on this day, but I like the kind of continuing deepness on along these houses and along these piers. Then as I got a little bit further, I found this spot which is a nice kind of dead-end pocket where I was hoping that the tide and the wind were gonna push the baitfish up there. The trout specifically would follow them and try to kind of ambush them in this hole and that's pretty much what happened. There's actually fish all along these gut and they're kinda moving up and down and around but it worked out well.

Winter Fishing West Galveston Bay | New "Secret" Spot 5

What I want to show you is how I kind of found this spot and how I decided if I'm gonna be hitting spot or not. So if I zoom out a little bit, you can see my launch spot is over here and I need to figure out how long it's gonna take me, I don't wanna be traveling to a spot that's 5-10 miles away. So Google Earth has a really cool ruler tool and you start with this line tool then click and drag till you're saying “oh 1.7 miles or 170 miles.” But you're not going to paddle your kayak in a straight line across land and across houses. What I like to use is the 3D path tool and you can just basically click and it'll draw straight lines where you're gonna go and these are the paths I took on this day.

I cut inside this subdivision, fish this deeper water for a bit, and you can get a much closer approximation of how long the distance is to get to your spot. You can see this was almost 1.5 miles so I like to use that tool to go ahead and give me an idea of how long it's gonna take me to a spot that is relatively accurate overall.

Lastly, I just want to say check out my buddy Caleb's channel here, and if you don't mind hitting the subscribe button, it really, really helps me to understand that I'm helping you guys have more fun out on the water. Take care, tie lines!