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Wade Fishing Galveston | I Only Catch Flat Fish

Wade Fishing Galveston | I Only Catch Flat Fish 1

Today I'll be mixing it up and will be wade fishing in Galveston! A few nights ago I was in the same spot and caught a Texas slam, which is comprised of a redfish, a flounder, and a trout. I'm using a pretty small bait which I'll reel in very slow and can be felt bouncing around on the hard-packed sand.

There is grass in some patches of the sand so you may get snagged every once in a while, but I've been coming to this spot since the 1980's and know it's a solid location. From the first bite that I started reeling in, I could tell that it was going to be a flounder. The flatfish ate my shrimp bait right up, and using my pole he measured out to around 17 inches long, meaning that I could keep him if I wanted to do so.

On my second cast, I had a bite almost immediately on the edge of the slick. I thought it might turn out to be a speckler, but ended up being another flounder. My next cast was much stronger and took a lot longer to reel in, even scaring a mullet out of the way in the process. The difficulty of this reel-in made me think it could possibly be a stingray, and this long standoff had me worried for the life of my fishing rod.

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I brought him all the way to the end of my line and could tell he was a lot larger than I anticipated, so I ended up releasing him straight off of the hook. He was a huge stingray that I did not want to mess with! I also included a visual of where I went fishing on Google Maps. I stayed fairly close to the shoreline but the tide was going out all day, meaning that bait is getting pulled out of the grass and into the open water. The larger the outflow of the water, the larger the channel you'll be working with.

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