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The Best Tool for Removing Resin 3D Prints

The Best Tool for Removing Resin 3D Prints 1

Time to talk about the best tool for removing resin 3D prints. 

Happy 2021!  I have been slammed reorganizing my garage for the last two weeks. Through my reorganization project,  I have discovered a smart and effective new tool that could be used to remove your prints from the build plate on your 3D Printer. The Scotty Peeler. I found this tool after exploring the great Amazon. I discovered there are two different versions of the Scotty Peeler, a metal version and a plastic version. Take it from me,  both have worked amazingly.

3D Print plastic tool

To start, the plastic version works really well for FDM (Fused deposition modeling) prints. Since they are printed flat to the build plate, this tool makes prying those off a breeze. Wondering about resin prints? Yes, you got it! It works for resin prints as well.

3D Prints Metal Tool

Second, the Metal Scotty Peeler is designed as a very smooth-edged and thin blade. This allows you to remove even the toughest stuck on prints just by laying it flat to the build plate and pressing slowly until it gives out. Be sure to wiggle it side by side to make it easier for you. It makes popping out these prints easy no matter the size.

Both tools are valued at about 10 dollars on Amazon. The metals ones, in particular, come two in a pack. While you also have the option of both a plastic and a metal one for the same price. Check them out on my links. As always, if you want to see more of my content, be sure to subscribe here.