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Houston Urban Fishing Adventure – Big 8lb Carp!

Houston Urban Fishing Adventure - Big 8lb Carp! 1

Urban fishing in Houston has a lot of advantages, with access being the biggest one. I only had a few hours between errands around Houston today so I decided to hit a local urban pond. This pond has produced fish in the past but never one quite this large.

catching eight pound fish urban fishing houston

The colors on this carp are incredible, and he is absolutely humongous at what appears to be at least eight pounds. My next fish ended up being yet another huge fish, this time a catfish, but it looks like something about this ned rig is working! For this time of year, I assumed most fish would be hunkered down but this has been an incredible day for fishing. My third catch of the day was a pretty hefty catfish, proving that this spot is definitely worth returning to in the future. This was a really nice run for the suppressor and I can't wait to try it out on the saltwater.

The gear I used today was my brand new Old18 Suppressor Light Action Rod paired with my Shimano Stratic 1000HG. This combo is super lightweight but still has enough power to haul in some large fish. I can't wait to get this out and tackle some redfish! When I'm working with my ned rig, I usually take a piece of bread and then pop it through the hook then mash it on the base. Leave the largest piece at the top, and today I'm using fairly old bread so it might not cooperate fully or pop off along the way.

If you want to see another great Houston Urban Angler check out Wild Lifes Youtube channel. He is the master of catching large fish around Houston, especially Braes Bayou. And as always to find more amazing content like you just saw, be sure to like and subscribe to my channel!


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Micro Fishing Texas Urban Creeks Multi Species

Micro Fishing Texas Urban Creeks Multi Species 2

Hello everyone, today we will be working in my “micro fishing” spot in which I have a new tactic I am super excited to show you guys! I have a very small setup with tiny hooks and a very interesting observation tank that we can throw the fish into for a closer look. Let's go fishing!

This is a very similar spot to where I was last time, except on a different bank. Right now, after getting my shoes incredibly dirty, I am in the flatter area between the two banks and basically right on the water. My setup for today is a Shimano Stratoc 1000 and a GX2 rod, as well as Power Bait Honey Worms. With a small piece of bait and the hook fully exposed, we are ready to set up shop here! The hooks I'm currently using are a size 16, and if this doesn't go well I plan on switching to a size 10.

catching red fish with micro setup houston

After quite a lengthy wait,  we finally have our first taker! With what looks to be a redfish, I popped him in the observation tank to get a closer look at his size and color that were both impressive. As I've begun noticing, the fish in these smaller creek settings tend to be ravenous and will eat just about anything. They definitely are not line-shy but I don't think they are fished for very often. For my next cast, I immediately caught some bites right off of the bat. This big boy ended up being a Texas cichlid, which I find absolutely fascinating.

texas cichlid action coming at you

Believe it or not, this is the only cichlid that is native to Texas and possibly North America, but I'll have to check on that. This drainage ditch area is honestly very common to Houston, so there are going to be a number of similar-looking creeks all over the city. Special shout out to the maintenance crew that cut this grass earlier! As always, be sure to subscribe to my channel and like my videos for more premium content like this!

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Houston Urban Creek Fishing – Lure Giveaway Announcement!

Houston Urban Creek Fishing - Lure Giveaway Announcement! 3

In this video, we will be announcing the winner of our lure giveaway, as well as engaging in some urban creek fishing in a spot that I found while hiking with my son. This spot is pretty neat and I have already come across some tilapia and bluegill, as well as a bass the last time that I was here. With my ‘super mini' creek fishing setup, I'm all ready so let's get started!

Part of that setup includes my Shakespeare dock runner which is very tiny, an owner mosquito hook with a small split shot, and a power bait honey worm. As for my cast, I'm going out as far as I can and working it across the bottom, sort of hopping it. You want to have your wire somewhat exposed, but the hook should be penetrating through both the power bait and the fish's lip.

I've been coming to this creek for a long time, and I actually grew up about half a mile from where I currently am.  After a few unsuccessful tries and getting stuck in the weeds, I decided that next time I should bring a longer rod. This line eventually brought in a bullhead, but he went a little harder than expected on the hook so I just cut off the line entirely. I've fallen on my butt twice today so I'm looking for a new, flatter location to move over towards.

Houston urban fishing in a creek

I'm happy with the new spot and find immediate result, in which I found a very small, possibly a baby tilapia. The next haul appeared to be some kind of a goby, maybe even a bowfin, but I can't say with absolute certainty. I downsized my hook for this exact reason, as the fish have been very small so far. The next fish was a bit bigger, and it was a beautiful sunfish.

Also the news you have all been waiting for…

The winner of the lure giveaway is Kevin Frost, so if you're reading this Kevin, go ahead and send me an email to so I can get those lures sent out to you. I have another giveaway planned soon, and make sure to subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed the video!