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Best Fishing Loop Knot – Canoe Man Loop Knot

Best Fishing Loop Knot - Canoe Man Loop Knot 1

Hello, everyone! Today we are going to learn how to use my favorite fishing loop knot, best known as the canoe man loop knot. I use this knot for corky's, jerk baits, or anything for when you want extra action on the water. This knot is fairly strong and best for live bait, but best of all it is super easy to tie. If you don't know how to tie a strong knot, whether you're on the water, in strong headwinds, or belly deep wade fishing, you need the practice to get it down.

For this simple loop knot, get your cord on the table and make a stretched out straight line. Take the tag end on the left and the mainline on the right, then take your left hand and make a small loop around. Pinch that loop and start to make a second loop towards the left side, which should look like this.canoe man fishing knot

From there, pull the mainline end to make it smaller and make the tag end larger, then run that smaller end (right) through the larger loop. Once you have made it through the loop, pull on the dangling tag end which should subsequently tighten the loop and make it smaller. The front loop should know be lassoing the mainline end, which leads you to put a makeshift “lure” onto the tag end hanging on the line. Pull the tag end through the larger loop, leaving you with this situation.

loop knot fishing

From there, I push my pinky through the loop nearest the “lure” to keep it from getting too tightened when you continue to pull the tag end. You can let go of your grip on the loop with your right hand, but tighten the mainline more with that hand as much as possible. You can tighten the tag end until it resembled more of a knot, but be sure to keep the tension on the mainline. With this remaining knot, your lure should have more than enough room to float around and if you'd like you can snip off the remaining tag end. Otherwise, you're finished!

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