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Kayak Stake Out Pole DIY 3D Printed Version

Kayak Stake Out Pole DIY 3D Printed Version 1

I will admit, there are a lot of kayak stakeout pole DIY videos on the internet. These videos usually involve PBC pipe, old ski poles, or other DIY fishing equipment, but I wanted to focus on the idea of 3D printing! There are numerous places where you can find 3D printed materials at a low cost, including local libraries and Makerspace, as well as friends or family that could help you with your 3D printing needs.

I found this piece that was rounded with a relatively small hole that needs some supports but otherwise prints well. For this design, I made it much more square-shaped to both add strength and make it easier to print when laid flat on the build plate.

3D printed kayak stake out DIY

I also added a much larger attachment point so I would be able to attach a carabiner with ease. These tools can be popped on or off relatively quickly and are easier to deal with altogether.

The next step is optional but I painted and primed the kayak handle, and later added some two-part epoxy. I glued it up but placing some in the holes and a bit on the stick, making sure to wait for it to set up.

While waiting, I recommend tying your bungee up, which I was able to do with two carabiners on either side rather than an actual knot. In my Hobie Outback, I have paddle holders which I was able to connect to the back behind the seat.

In terms of materials, I printed this using a basic plastic called PLA, though if you are looking for more strength you can use PETG. And as always, if it breaks you can always print another!

kayak handle uploaded to 3d printing site

If you're interested in looking at the handle I created, I have uploaded it to Thingiverse for just about 90 cents! Combining the handle and the pole, it should cost less than $8 and is likely the cheapest but the highest quality product you can find anywhere online. As always, like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy content like this!

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Christmas Bay Kayak Fishing | I will call it a Mini Slam

Christmas Bay Kayak Fishing | I will call it a Mini Slam 2

Hello, everyone! Fall in Texas is my favorite time to fish because of the weather, which is around the mid 70's today.  In Christmas Bay, the wind is pushing and the tide is outgoing,  so this corner I'm currently in is the perfect ambush spot. As I'm casting in this area, my first fish to appear is a flounder but he doesn't know that he's hooked. When I reeled him in I wanted to make sure that he passed the new law requiring him to be at least 15 inches, but of course, he came in just short at 14 and three-quarter inches. After I found a floating poppy cork, I realized that it was mine all along and had fallen off of my kayak earlier.

Next, I found a speckler! He was maybe 10 inches tops, so not worth my while. I'm getting lots of fish on today, and the next one is a trout, which is exactly what I'm looking for today. This nice catch is quite feisty, and I'm pretty sure he's going to be a keeper. He ended up being 17 inches on the dot, and I don't normally keep fish but I haven't kept any all summer. I also don't keep speckled trout above 20 inches or females, but this one checks all the boxes and is good to go for now.

kayaking on chistmas bay for trout

I later found another trout that appeared to be smaller than the previous one, but he jumped out rather quickly. Additionally, we have a redfish, and with that, I shall call my collection for the day a mini slam!

Today we had about two and a half hours at Christmas Bay before the tide turned, but after that my fishing was done by that point. I had a great day fishing, and the wind was blowing out of the west. After I launched my kayak I drifted through the bay to a grassy area where I caught my first fish, then made it over to a cove where I snagged the small speckler. The water and wind both pushed me in the same direction, and two channels I found myself near had by far the most activity overall.

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Kayak Storage Rack Review – Can It Hold 2 Hobie Outbacks?

Kayak Storage Rack Review - Can It Hold 2 Hobie Outbacks? 3

Hey there everyone, and welcome back to the shop! After nearly 6 months of work on my house, we are now back in business to start up with more product reviews. Today we are going to be looking at storage solutions for kayaks, specifically Hobie Outbacks. Previously I had created a setup with 4 X 4's, 2 X 4's, some galvanized pipe, and some PBC pipe. It worked, but I definitely want to conserve some space in my garage. Let's see what we're working with!

I found this Rad Sportz Rack on Amazon that came with labeled instructions that took me about 45 minutes to build. With only a few mistakes, it was still pretty straightforward and ultimately came out much easier than I expected it to be. One issue however was a piece of tube steel that ended up bent in the shipping process, but I hammered it back into place without much trouble.

There was also a problem with the support bar being bent, but again nothing a little handiwork can't fix! I tried to put my son's kayak on the bottom since he doesn't fish as often as me, though I had a bit of a struggle trying to fit it in place. It was a pretty spacious kayak, but checking out some pictures online helped me get it from a different angle.

Now that the entire rack is somewhat stable with the first one already in place, it was even more difficult to fit my second kayak on top. After lots of moving it around to try and make sure that it was completely locked in, it has finally found its place for 3-4 days now with no fear of it falling off. For the future, I will definitely have the top of the kayak facing the back of the rack because it was pretty difficult to lift the Outback on my own.

rad sportz kayak storage rack review

The bottom line, this rack is made well with solid, tubular steel. The major knock would be the difficulty with loading, but structurally it's definitely a good product. I even switched out my own hooks to make it fit better, and this might be best for smaller kayaks than what I'm working with (no Pro Anglers).

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Kayak Trolling for Speckled Trout in Galveston West Bay

Kayak Trolling for Speckled Trout in Galveston West Bay 4

Trout is the name of the game as we are going to be kayak trolling in Galveston West Bay today, and at the end of the video, I'll show you where I launched from!

After about four hours, I found a measly 8-inch fish which I obviously needed to throw back into the water. I also managed to bring in a 10-incher on the troll using my bait, but my GoPro died shortly thereafter. I decided to switch things up and start using my Mag Minnow 90F and a lure on an 8th-inch shake head. This is a larger size than what I had been using to hopefully the upsize translates to larger fish as well.

As I'm kayaking, I've got my rod out sideways while trolling, every now and then you need to jerk the rod to get a little more action headed towards you.

Speckled Trout caught Trolling in Galveston West Bay

My first major success of the day was an 18-inch speckled trout that I caught using the bait, proving once again that trolling does produce! The Mag Minnow 90F was what sealed the deal for me, which was a massive upgrade from the little swimbait I had been using. It was a long and tiring day before catching this guy, and I had almost thrown my entire tackle box at the fish trying to figure out what they wanted.

The trolling method I used today had worked really well for me in California, and today I caught three dinky fish before changing to the Mag Minnow. I had launched out of Galveston State Park, in which you drive in off of St. Louis Pass Road, also known as FM3005. If you're coming in from Houston like me, take a right off of that road, then go to the Seawall and follow the road all the way down past the RV park.

I hope you are able to have as much success with this launch spot and catch bigger trout than I did! And as always, be sure to like and subscribe to my channel for more awesome fishing content like this video.