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Epic Houston Texas Bayou Fishing

Epic Houston Texas Bayou Fishing 1

The mission today is to catch fish in under two hours using a new setup that I am very excited to start using! This includes my Shimano Stratic 1000 that I have used before, as well as a Steelhead rod that I have never combined this way before. Hopefully, some carp come our way after this cold front in Houston, so let's get fishing!

I'm using a tiny ned head today with a swivel, so the goal is to be as lightweight as possible. I'm keeping my hand on the line to detect bites, which came almost immediately. To my surprise, there was a giant catfish in this spot which may have actually been my biggest yet!

epic houston bayou fishing catfish

Shortly thereafter, I continued to find success with another large grass carp to add to my list! I have been fortunate with two catches in two casts so far because the current is keeping my bread bait afloat in the mid-water column.

carp bayou epic houston fishing

It may seem like these videos show me catching fish on every single cast that I throw out, but that is not always the case. However, today has been one of my luckier days because of the weather, but I like to think that my setup is also playing a part! The next catch was a channel catfish, but much smaller than the big boy we caught first.

Now, do I want to catch a tilapia to complete the Bayou Slam or go for another large carp? On days like this, it feels like you can catch just about anything. With a little help from my net, I secured another huge fish to top off an incredible day! I would have to say the grass carp was the highlight of my day, and keep in mind I was only out here for less than 2 hours.

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Houston Urban Fishing Adventure – Big 8lb Carp!

Houston Urban Fishing Adventure - Big 8lb Carp! 2

Urban fishing in Houston has a lot of advantages, with access being the biggest one. I only had a few hours between errands around Houston today so I decided to hit a local urban pond. This pond has produced fish in the past but never one quite this large.

catching eight pound fish urban fishing houston

The colors on this carp are incredible, and he is absolutely humongous at what appears to be at least eight pounds. My next fish ended up being yet another huge fish, this time a catfish, but it looks like something about this ned rig is working! For this time of year, I assumed most fish would be hunkered down but this has been an incredible day for fishing. My third catch of the day was a pretty hefty catfish, proving that this spot is definitely worth returning to in the future. This was a really nice run for the suppressor and I can't wait to try it out on the saltwater.

The gear I used today was my brand new Old18 Suppressor Light Action Rod paired with my Shimano Stratic 1000HG. This combo is super lightweight but still has enough power to haul in some large fish. I can't wait to get this out and tackle some redfish! When I'm working with my ned rig, I usually take a piece of bread and then pop it through the hook then mash it on the base. Leave the largest piece at the top, and today I'm using fairly old bread so it might not cooperate fully or pop off along the way.

If you want to see another great Houston Urban Angler check out Wild Lifes Youtube channel. He is the master of catching large fish around Houston, especially Braes Bayou. And as always to find more amazing content like you just saw, be sure to like and subscribe to my channel!


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Catching Bullhead Catfish | Little Pond Lockdown Fishing

Catching Bullhead Catfish | Little Pond Lockdown Fishing 3

Today I'm going to be fishing at the little local pond to hopefully catch some largemouth bass using a lure I've never tried before, the Chatter Bait by Z Man. Carp and catfish are also on the menu using some pop-ups that I got from big carp tackle, and with the weather in the high 80s, this should be a wonderful day for fishing.

Starting with the carp, I have my rod set up with a ned rig and I'm going to hook on some Dayglo at the end as well while applying some almond smoke. I cast out my line to the middle of the pond, loosened up the drag, and then set it down to see what takes. Moving on to the next line, I cast the Chatter Bait to the middle as well, this time hoping to catch some bass. Because my other line was too close on my side, I got snagged and had to take some time to untangle them, which was a rookie mistake in the first place.

Despite the warm weather and hopes for a spring-like pattern, this was a pretty bad showing on my end and I didn't catch much besides a bag fish I ended up throwing away. I decided to move to a corner and bring some Wonder Bread to go after the catfish and carp, which should bring better results. There were some soft takes which usually indicates that a carp is on its way, but it ended up being a rather fat bullhead catfish.

bullhead catfish caught in little pond lockdown fishing

This was one of the larger bullheads I have come across in a while, which makes me think that it might possibly be pregnant. Much later in the day, I ended up catching a pretty gross diaper fish and I wanted to toss it directly into the trash along with my jig head. Today wasn't my most successful day, but if you enjoyed this video please go ahead and subscribe to the channel!

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Brays Bayou Fishing For Catfish and Carp

Catfish swimming in Brays Bayou.

Hey everyone, today I'll be back in Brays Bayou but this time on the opposite side as last time. I caught a couple of different kinds of carp here yesterday, so hopefully, today will be just as productive.

I have a new method for bait today, in which I take some of the pack bait and put it inside my bread, then put the hook inside the pack bait and smash it all around in there. It may look like it's too big, but you probably get a bit more flavor out of this way. There were some kids in the bayou who said they like watching my videos, so we've got fans out here!

I probably should have switched leaders yesterday after getting beat up all day, but I decided not to yet. I got a little bit closer for my cast and found a solid spot, then immediately got a fish on that appears to be a catfish. The other fish will definitely spook if we stay too close to them, but we've got to find the right area to get another good cast out.

I ended up having a knot in my line which ultimately ruined my line, which should serve as a lesson in what NOT to do. After a new set up, I got a new fish on with my ned rig, and it's a killer technique. The only problem is that I got wrapped on something in the way while reeling him in. After a lengthy struggle, I was able to get out of there, but I don't feel too good about my line right now.

This guy turned out to be a beautiful common carp, which I absolutely love. If you liked this video, please like, comment and subscribe to see more awesome content like this!

Take care, guys!