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Epic Houston Texas Bayou Fishing

Epic Houston Texas Bayou Fishing 1

The mission today is to catch fish in under two hours using a new setup that I am very excited to start using! This includes my Shimano Stratic 1000 that I have used before, as well as a Steelhead rod that I have never combined this way before. Hopefully, some carp come our way after this cold front in Houston, so let’s get fishing!

I’m using a tiny ned head today with a swivel, so the goal is to be as lightweight as possible. I’m keeping my hand on the line to detect bites, which came almost immediately. To my surprise, there was a giant catfish in this spot which may have actually been my biggest yet!

epic houston bayou fishing catfish

Shortly thereafter, I continued to find success with another large grass carp to add to my list! I have been fortunate with two catches in two casts so far because the current is keeping my bread bait afloat in the mid-water column.

carp bayou epic houston fishing

It may seem like these videos show me catching fish on every single cast that I throw out, but that is not always the case. However, today has been one of my luckier days because of the weather, but I like to think that my setup is also playing a part! The next catch was a channel catfish, but much smaller than the big boy we caught first.

Now, do I want to catch a tilapia to complete the Bayou Slam or go for another large carp? On days like this, it feels like you can catch just about anything. With a little help from my net, I secured another huge fish to top off an incredible day! I would have to say the grass carp was the highlight of my day, and keep in mind I was only out here for less than 2 hours.

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Brays Bayou Fishing – The Slam!

Brays Bayou Fishing - The Slam! 2

Hello, everyone! Today we are in a spot that I like to call “The Bend” in Brays Bayou, which is a spot that I recently tried out with my friend Stefano. He had a ton of success with a wide variety of fish so I’m hoping that hot streak continues for me today. Let’s go fishing!

I’m working with a heavy setup today, including Wonder bread on the ned rig, mashed up as always. In this spot, the fish tend to hold in a very distinct area between a patch of grass and what I would refer to as an “out jut” with a bit of current behind it. I’m not sure what’s going on near that grass but there are usually a ton of fish there, including grass carp, catfish, and tilapia, so that’s my target to start things out.

After I noticed my first bite, I had an inclination that it might be a grass carp or catfish and it ended up being the latter. By the way, this is step one of my Bayou Slam! I felt a snag on the next fish and it seemed like he was just hanging there in the current, and it ended up being a great looking tilapia!

catfish at brays bayou gulf stream outdoors

After a fairly long delay between the second and third portion of my Bayou Slam, I’m starting to worry when I look at the clock before sundown. I have maybe 15 minutes before this challenge gets significantly harder in the dark, but I started off with a strong cast. It took a bit of work to bring him in but I wound up with a giant beast of a grass carp! This fantastic fighter was definitely one of the bigger carps I have ever reeled in at the bayou!

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Monitoring Houston Bayous for Better Fishing

Monitoring Houston Bayous for Better Fishing 3

Monitoring your own “magic spot” is more important than you might think, so today I’m going to explore some local Houston bayous to help you find the right area for you! A word of advice considering the high waters; make sure to never fish in the main part of the bayou after the rain raises the water levels. The ledges become incredibly slippery and if you fall into the water with a running current it will be very difficult for you to come away unscathed.

The first fish of the day feels like it might be a tilapia, and it definitely seems like a big one in this deeper water than usual. monitoring houston bayous

He ended up not being a big as I originally thought, but a beautiful fish nonetheless. Moving forward, I’ve got a quarter of a piece of bread to use as bait, and I’m becoming more of a fan of leaving the crust on. This is because the crust is rather flaky and falls off gradually, leaving a trail that the fish can follow easily. Just as I started my next cast, I immediately felt another fish on and this one was definitely a bigger one that ended up being a grass carp. This one is a beauty who put up an excellent fight.

I’ve had a string of decently sized fish so far today, and the next bad boy was very colorful and had an incredible tail. He was bleeding from his lip a little bit due to the hook but he’ll be totally fine. More importantly, the website I have been using to look for “magic spots” is Harris County FWS. To help navigate the site, look at a particular area, which for me is Brays Bayou, then zoom in as much as possible. Click for more information and alerts, which will take you to a new screen that details information like rainfall, water level entering the bayou, and historical data. I find this type of information extremely helpful to learn more about where you are fishing and I highly recommend it!

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Brays Bayou Fishing The Magic Spot

Brays Bayou Fishing The Magic Spot 4

Hey there people, today we are going to be fishing my magic spot at Brays Bayou now that the conditions are perfect! When it rains, all of the fish pack into this little spot that makes them way easier to catch, thankfully. The outflow from the neighborhood is what really makes this place great, and all of the rainwater comes into an area that dives down and mingles with the main part of the bayou. The water flowing down the bayou comes down very quickly, and the edge of the current has a lot of debris and trash that get sucked in as well.

A lot of fish come into this area to escape the main portion of the bayou, and they are pretty visible swimming along with the current. I’m geared up a bit heavier this time around, in which I caught three fish in only 40 minutes! I had a light tackle setup, but the water not remotely this high so it should be a good day to use my Bait Runner 4000. I have a Shimano with the bait clicker on it, but I probably won’t use it.

fishing magic spot in brays bayou

I’m also using the Karate Reaper 86 which is a part of my California Surf Perch set up and is going to be a heavier tackle day. The water is fairly calm, but if they make it out to the current then I am absolutely toast. I’m using bread as bait with my ned rig, which I roll onto the top then fold over. A duck flew over to check out my fishing setup, meanwhile, I’m searching for some tilapia or grass carp.

After testing my patience, a big fish catches the line and definitely started to fight me for a while. Using my net, I had a hard time fitting him in because he was such a huge guy who was also bleeding all over. He’s not hurt but struggled with me in my net for a while, so lo and behold the biggest common carp I’ve ever caught!

biggest common carp ever houston fishing

I had a fantastic day fishing in this magic spot, and if you enjoyed this video please remember to like and subscribe to my channel!