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Surf Fishing | 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Surf Fishing | 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid 1

Hey there everyone, today the areas I wanted to cover are regarding surf safety and what mistakes I have made that can be easily avoided! Out in the water, I heard that the specs were running and Spanish mackerels were going to be there, so surf fishing would be perfect in these conditions. I had recently been wade fishing and kept all of the equipment and materials on hand, but I did screw up on a couple of things.

1. Gear- Some of my wade fishing gear included an ultralight spinning rod and a 7-foot bait caster, which sometimes can work in the surf but was completely wrong for today. The surf was bigger than expected, I needed to get further out, and I didn't bring the proper gear that I own like 8 to 10-foot surfcasting rods.

2. Understand Conditions- The surf report said about 2 feet with a slight rip current, but I did not pay attention to the fact that it was building over the day. The end of the day would have shown closer to 3 feet, and those 3-foot sets are even visible early in the day. I was not able to stand comfortably and that ultimately harmed my fishing experience.

3. Electronics- I placed my phone in my waders and my keys in my pockets because they don't get wet, and of course, my electronic car key is no longer functional because they collected more water than expected. My phone detected liquid in the charging port because I didn't zip up my pocket all the way and it won't charge like normal. Leave your electronics on the shore!

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4. Wade Belt- I didn't have my wade belt with me, I was only in waist-deep water and didn't absolutely need it but taking a lot of waves into my waders as a result. My advice is to not wear waders, as I had a calf-level depth of water that I was dealing with in there.

5. PDF/Lifejacket- You might think you don't need a lifejacket until it's too late, and that's not a risk you should take. Always take the extra precaution and don't put yourself in unnecessary danger!

If you follow all of these 5 steps about how to avoid potential disaster, you'll be in better shape than I was today! Take this advice and go catch some fish.