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Big Fish Small Pond – Fighting Big Fish on Light Tackle in Houston

Big Fish Small Pond - Fighting Big Fish on Light Tackle in Houston 1

Today I'll be fishing in a much smaller area, a small pond in Houston where I'm looking for some carp and catfish! I'll be using a light tackle and I brought along bread to use, so hopefully, we can catch a bass or two with this!

Using my go-to set up, which is balling up the bread on the base of the ned head and then make something of a jig feather. The feather jig portion might break off quickly and easily then spread out in the water. After giving this piece one more soak, I finally get a grab and it seems like possibly a rather large carp on the line. With my live tackle, I had a six-pound test on the line and it took a very long and enduring time to reel him big carp in little houston pond

According to my Chinese measuring instrument, this huge fish weights around six to six and a half pounds. Five minutes of intense fishing reeled in this beautiful, fantastic fish that made it entirely worth my while. After rechecking, it looked to be closer to seven pounds than six, which is a huge carp and a major win for me on the day. Obviously, after releasing him I remembered what great fighters these fish are and that they remind me of redfish. That would be the closest comparison to something I've caught in freshwater.

Despite the long struggle, it was an excellent day at the pond and it led to a much larger fish than I was originally anticipating. After searching for areas in common places like bayous and Galveston West Bay, it gave me a much more reassuring experience for future pond fishing.

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