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Simple Twist Worm Lure with Fusion 360

Simple Twist Worm Lure with Fusion 360 1

Hey guys! What’s up, today we’re back with another super simple Fusion 360 lure design. I’ve been really focusing on these simpler designs to get everybody comfortable in Fusion but still make some really great lures. Let’s check it out!

I do suggest watching this video all the way through before you try to follow along, it’ll make it a lot easier in the long run. All right guys, this is one of the simpler lures to make and we’re going to make it using only one command that we haven’t used before on this channel and that’s the sweep command. Let’s jump into Fusion 360 and start out by drawing a very simple line. I think we can all do this, make a line you just click on one point and click to another point and set your link. This is going to be pretty much the length of your lure and we’re actually going to use this with our sweep command so you can set it to however long you want your lure to be.

polygon face of lure in Fusion 360

Now we have our line that is going to be the overall length of our lure, more or less. Now what we’re going to do is draw a polygon on this front face. Now, I’m not an expert on the polygon command so I’m actually going to make a mistake here. I’m going to make mine too big but the basic idea is that you’re going to see the radius which will then double and that will be the width of your lure, from the flat edge to the center. There’s other ways to draw a polygon and there’s an excellent video by Product design Online, which is one of my favorite Fusion 360 channels, which I’ll link at the end of this video. The basic idea here is that your radius which again is going to be half of how big you want your lure to be. This is where I made a mistake, I made a mistake by making my radius 11 which is what I want my overall length to be. I should have made my radius like 5.5, but hey we all make mistakes.

Then, you’ll set the number of sides and this is where you can have some fun with this. This is not a very specific way to make an exact lure, you’ll see more about that in a second. So I’ just going to choose a number of sides that I think is cool then click okay. Now the exciting part starts with using the sweep command. We’re going to select the path as our line that we made and our face or shape as the polygon that we just made and you’ll see it stretches out directly.

taper angle of lure on Fusion 360

Now the real fun is in these two parameters here. One is the taper angle and the other is rotations. So what we want is to have our lure not go straight back like and have it all one flat side. We want it to taper down and get smaller and to do that you want to set a negative taper angle and that’s just going to bring it down. Now the drawback to this type of design is it’s difficult to get an exact and precise end result on the tail of our lure. So just kind of eyeball it here which is going to take a little bit of trial and error to get through. If you wanted to make it exact, you’d probably do a loft but then you wouldn’t be able to do this next step.

Now the cool part is this twist parameter here and this is the number of degrees of a twist or rotations. Basically you just set this number to any number you want, usually they’re higher numbers around the 90s-180s. You can just play with this number and get crazy. You’ll see here it turns into a giant fuzz ball when I accidentally forget a decimal point. Just kind of play with it, it’s not too taxing on your computer generally speaking, just kind of figure out with you like and click okay.

Twist lure on Fusion 360

Now if you’re one of those Crappie lure guys that like those little ice pick lures, you’re pretty much done. You might put a fillet on either end here on the front or the back and you’re pretty much set. But, I want to put a tail on this lure because I’m going to use this like a swimbait. The simplest tail you can actually do is a ball and they actually make surprisingly good swimbait tails. They have a nice, slow thump and it’s not very erratic, it’s kind of slow boom to the side and to do that it’s pretty easy. It’s pretty easy to make, all I do is create a sphere and click on the very back face of the tail of my lure. Again, I make it the size that I think looks right. You want it about the same size or smaller than the face that you made in the front and make sure you click join. That’s it, you’re done, you have a lure and it looks pretty darn cool. It’s definitely not your normal boring worm.

This is great for a Ned for a swimbait or for whatever you want to do, it’s really cool. I just make my mold around the side which you’ve seen in my other videos and I hit print. This is where, of course, I figured out that I made this way too big but I’ll use it offshore for some lings or some snapper. Whatever, it’ll work.

Twist worm lure on Fusion 360

So the great thing about Fusion 360 is it’s usually pretty easy to go back in and fix any mistakes you make without have to redo the whole design. The polygon command doesn’t really let you go back and change the radius unless you lock it. I suggest watching the Product Design Online polygon video before you do your polygon design, it’ll help you not screw up your polygon. I didn’t watch the video first and so I had to go back in and create a new sketch and make the size of the polygon I want and redo my sweep command. I just selected this new face as the face I want to use and then everything else falls into place and the mold I get is pretty cool.

I’ll be printing this lure up and fishing with it at the end of the week. Some of you guys have been asking me why I haven’t been fishing. Well, I have but it’s been so freaking hot that my camera can’t even keep up with it. I got some fixes in place and I think I got it down so we’ll go fishing.


Polygon Product Design Online video is here. My other simple lure design videos are here.

Take care, everybody- tight lines.