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Rigging the Techno Frog

Rigging the Techno Frog 1
Let's talk about how rigging and how I like to rig my Techno Frog. I really rig mine one of two ways. The first way is I rig it on the Ned Rig in situations where I have a relatively compact bottom and I need this kind of twitch along very subtly. It is the ultimate finesse fishing frog. Just sit it down, drag it along and give it a little jerk and it looks like a frog trying to hibernate dig into the ground, maybe to dig up bass eggs, since they are the biggest predators of bass eggs on the planet. Or they may think it's a frog that's completely messed up or dying and they just have to go and smash it.
ned rig on Techno Frog lure

Ned Rig

This is pretty straightforward, line it up and I demonstrate in the video how to pull it through. The second way I like to fish is on an Owner Twistlock Hook. You can use it unweighted or weighted, I like mine with a 16 ounce weight, it gives it a little but more heft to really chunk it out there in the water. It skips perfectly over those lily pads and when you drop it down it has this nice, subtle fluttering motion. The legs are just barely kicking, it looks like a frog that has jumped off and it's not doing well, the fish feel like they have to smash it. Also what you can do with this, is you can almost fish it like a twitch bait and throw it out there and just hop it in and the frog sits there and kind of jumps. You will get absolutely hammered throwing that thing around cover and brush logs because it's super weedless.

twistlock hook rigging

Twistlock Hook

I also have a demonstration of rigging it on the Owner Twistlock that's a 1/16 ounce. I stick that in the rigging nose and make sure it hangs straight and rigs to where it's totally weedless.

wormhook rig

Worm Hooks

I got a question about rigging it on just a regular worm hook, so I got these Lazer Sharp 3-round bin worm hooks. They're not even EWG, they're just regular. So I'm just going to rig this into the rigging nose just a touch, I don't want to go too far in there and get that neck all the way in. This is very similar to how it's going to act on the Twistlock. I'm going to bring that back to here to that midsection, punch it through and boom. You see it sets right behind that hump in the head, the point does, so you can just kind of skin click it back there. It's very weedless, this is a very lightweight setup to sink really nice and slowly. So there's your third, bonus way to rig the Tecnho Frog.
All right guys, I hope that gave you some ideas. Please let me know if you're figuring out any other ways to rig it, I'd love to hear them because I think you can rig this any way you want to with that special rigging nose.