LIVE TARGET Sunfish Soft Body Swimbait – 4 Inch


  • 4 Inch – 3/4 Oz – 5/0
  • Water type: freshwater
  • Style: medium-slow
  • Color: blue/yellow Pumpkinseed
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Big largemouth bass love sunfish. That’s why LIVETARGET developed the ingenious Sunfish Soft Body Swimbait featuring a hyper-realistic sunfish body in 4 accurate colors and 3 sizes. It has an oscillating tail which draws lots of attention with its natural side-to-side kicking action, creating a swimming action just like its natural counterpart. Thanks to the weedless design of its top mounted wide guard hook, it can penetrate a variety of cover types and even hook-up in dense freshwater underwater jungles. Additionally, this lure is designed with a medium-slow sink rate and equipped with an accessory pin on the belly to allow you to add extra hooks or spinner blades for added flash and vibration. Add the LIVETARGET Sunfish Soft Body Swimbait to your tackle box and catch those unsuspecting sunfish predators in a jiffy.


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