Cusa Tea: Premium Instant Tea – Single-Serve Packets – Green Tea 10 Servings


  • 100% ORGANIC PREMIUM TEA: With top-quality leaves from USDA Organic-Certified farms, your new favorite organic tea is made from the purest ingredients available.
  • AWARD-WINNING TASTE: Made with organic tea and real fruit, herbs & spices, and packed with polyphenolic (antioxidant) compounds. These teas offer many health benefits, including gut health! We offer a range of flavors, 4 of which have won Global Tea Championship medals.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED FOR TEA: We’ve created a gentler way to extract the full flavor, aroma and antioxidants of tea with a patented vacuum dehydration process that forms completely and instantly dissolvable tea crystals.
  • MAKE HOT TEA OR ICED TEA: Dissolve instantly with hot water or shake it in a bottle with cold or iced water for premium tea of any temperature.
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