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Best tool for mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures

Best tool for mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures 1

I found the perfect tool for mixing mica pearls into your soft plastic lures. I was working on some new lures for WM Bayou and I wanted to incorporate pearls into the designs to make a lure that is unique from anything available on store shelves. There are tons pearls, or mica, available for you to purchase that come in a variety of colors and styles and one of the problems encounter is when you mix mica.

The first mixer

Depending on the materials they use in the pearls, some of the mica tends to clump more than others, so during this process I found a tool that is perfect for mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures. When I initially ordered it, it came along with some resin that I ordered, and I figured “Hey, if they included it with resin, then maybe it'll work for plastics.” Low and behold it did, but the tool that I was using that came free, was total garbage. That lead me on a search for looking for the perfect mixing tool for mica pearls.

Second attempt

The freebie tool I received was made of a cheap plastic, ran on two batteries and had a bad switch, but it got the job done. It lead me to purchasing another mixer. This product is rechargeable, boasts a much more reliable switch, but for this tool the speed cycles through as you press the switches, so next time you would turn it on it couldn't be left at the speed setting you left it at, it would have to cycle through until it reaches your desired speed.

mixing mica pearls for plastic lures

The perfect mixer for mixing mica pearls for soft plastics

Finally, I purchased a professional milk frother from Amazon. That's right, a tool that's normally utilized for dairy products, provides the perfect solution to mixing mica into your plastic fishing lures. This one was an improvement over the mixer in every way, not only was it rechargeable, but they also had a separate button for each speed. It works fantastic.

After mixing my ingredients and mixing them with the frother, it comes out perfect every time. The only issue that you could come across is sometimes the mica could get stuck to the frother, but removing it was simple with a toothpick or stick. Make sure you keep the product clean, if the mica gets stuck in it, you could end up mixing the colors and end up with an end-result you aren't too thrilled about.

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Tare care, tight lines!

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