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Kayak Trolling for Speckled Trout in Galveston West Bay

Kayak Trolling for Speckled Trout in Galveston West Bay 1

Trout is the name of the game as we are going to be kayak trolling in Galveston West Bay today, and at the end of the video, I'll show you where I launched from!

After about four hours, I found a measly 8-inch fish which I obviously needed to throw back into the water. I also managed to bring in a 10-incher on the troll using my bait, but my GoPro died shortly thereafter. I decided to switch things up and start using my Mag Minnow 90F and a lure on an 8th-inch shake head. This is a larger size than what I had been using to hopefully the upsize translates to larger fish as well.

As I'm kayaking, I've got my rod out sideways while trolling, every now and then you need to jerk the rod to get a little more action headed towards you.

Speckled Trout caught Trolling in Galveston West Bay

My first major success of the day was an 18-inch speckled trout that I caught using the bait, proving once again that trolling does produce! The Mag Minnow 90F was what sealed the deal for me, which was a massive upgrade from the little swimbait I had been using. It was a long and tiring day before catching this guy, and I had almost thrown my entire tackle box at the fish trying to figure out what they wanted.

The trolling method I used today had worked really well for me in California, and today I caught three dinky fish before changing to the Mag Minnow. I had launched out of Galveston State Park, in which you drive in off of St. Louis Pass Road, also known as FM3005. If you're coming in from Houston like me, take a right off of that road, then go to the Seawall and follow the road all the way down past the RV park.

I hope you are able to have as much success with this launch spot and catch bigger trout than I did! And as always, be sure to like and subscribe to my channel for more awesome fishing content like this video.