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Kayak Storage Rack Review – Can It Hold 2 Hobie Outbacks?

Kayak Storage Rack Review - Can It Hold 2 Hobie Outbacks? 1

Hey there everyone, and welcome back to the shop! After nearly 6 months of work on my house, we are now back in business to start up with more product reviews. Today we are going to be looking at storage solutions for kayaks, specifically Hobie Outbacks. Previously I had created a setup with 4 X 4's, 2 X 4's, some galvanized pipe, and some PBC pipe. It worked, but I definitely want to conserve some space in my garage. Let's see what we're working with!

I found this Rad Sportz Rack on Amazon that came with labeled instructions that took me about 45 minutes to build. With only a few mistakes, it was still pretty straightforward and ultimately came out much easier than I expected it to be. One issue however was a piece of tube steel that ended up bent in the shipping process, but I hammered it back into place without much trouble.

There was also a problem with the support bar being bent, but again nothing a little handiwork can't fix! I tried to put my son's kayak on the bottom since he doesn't fish as often as me, though I had a bit of a struggle trying to fit it in place. It was a pretty spacious kayak, but checking out some pictures online helped me get it from a different angle.

Now that the entire rack is somewhat stable with the first one already in place, it was even more difficult to fit my second kayak on top. After lots of moving it around to try and make sure that it was completely locked in, it has finally found its place for 3-4 days now with no fear of it falling off. For the future, I will definitely have the top of the kayak facing the back of the rack because it was pretty difficult to lift the Outback on my own.

rad sportz kayak storage rack review

The bottom line, this rack is made well with solid, tubular steel. The major knock would be the difficulty with loading, but structurally it's definitely a good product. I even switched out my own hooks to make it fit better, and this might be best for smaller kayaks than what I'm working with (no Pro Anglers).

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