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I Started a Lure Company!

I Started a Lure Company! 1
I'm super excited to announce the formation of my new lure company, W.M Bayou, with my friend Brian. I met Brian about a year and a half ago, he came to me to design a lure for him and had this crazy idea for a frog. It wasn't a top water frog and it has a big nose, it was something neither of us had ever seen as we were designing and we knew we had a pretty interesting lure.
As we're going through production, I helped to get the mold made and talking to the mold makers and the guys at D&J Plastics as we're getting injected, Brian and I are talking. He was really trying to get me on board and I was telling him no because I'm doing the whole YouTube thing and I'm really enjoying that, I just retired and I didn't want to start another businesses. But as the lure comes off the production line at D&J, I get a few and I start fishing them and it's like woah- we have something super unique. I'm not a huge bass fisherman, I fish saltwater primarily, and I started fishing at my local reservoir and having 6-12 fish days being on the water for about 4 hours. The bass are just eating this thing up and they're attacking it viciously. So I call up Brian and I tell him, Dude, let's go.
That's when we started to put the company together and we're super excited that this is the first of many lures we have in the pipeline. I have more lures than you can imagine coming out as we've been working together. Brian and I work really well with each other and bouncing ideas back and forth, it's fantastic. So you might be wondering what is going to happen with the YouTube channel, is the content going to change or is it all just going to be commercials for W.M Bayou and all that kind of stuff. No, not really.
techno frog lure design
Right now, we're still going to do the designing and still going to do the 3D printing but what I'm going to add is I'm going to take you guys along this journey from the beginning. I'm going to show you when we started designing this lure, all of the problems we ran into, the cost involved and the boring business setup side of things (I'll probably just make that one video). I want to do this because I know a lot of you guys have contacted me about wanting to start your own lure company or you have a small lure company now and you're trying to figure out where to go rom here.
I don't know if I'm going to get it right, you'll see all the mistakes too and they'll be out there for everybody. Hopefully, I'll also learn a few things from you guys and that's my hope because I kind of know what I'm doing. I started businesses before, I started and sold multi-million dollar businesses before, but I've never done it in the fishing industry. So I hope you're excited to be along for the ride with us, it's going to be really cool. As we roll out new lures, you're going to be the first to see them here.
As a special thank you to everybody on this channel, I have a discount code (youtube15) that you can use in the link HERE. If you don't click on the link and you just go to, when you checkout you get 15% off using the code on your own set of Techno Frogs and they're the first ones off the line.
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