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How To Tie Spoon On Fishing Line – Tips to Rock the Spoon

Hey guys, today we're gonna learn how to tie fishing spoons onto your line. It sounds simple, but there are a few tricks you need to know. Let's go.

I know what you're thinking. “Are you for real dude?” Everyone knows how to tie on spoons, it's the simplest lure around. You're right, it's a simple lure to use but I see people every day with them tied on incorrectly, not rigged upright. This will help save your gear from line twists, backslashes, and all kinds of problems on your spinning gear. 

How To Tie Spoon On Fishing Line - Tips to Rock the Spoon 2

1. Get some split ring pliers (Texas Tackle Factory patented split ring pliers). Pick these up, there's tons of different split rings out there you can use. I like these because they're big and thick and super easy to use. You're getting some swivels, and a whole pack of these big guys we'll use on the bigger spoons, and then you'll need some spoons. Use a Kastmaster, a giant crocodile spoon, and a Bagley weedless spoon. These are all pretty much rigged the same, so I'll show you on the giant crocodile spoon because it's going to be the easiest to see. The hook is generally made in China, so take that hook off. With split ring pliers, get the hook out of the way first. Pop that split ring open, get that hook started, and then keep on coming around. I usually end up losing these in the rocks before the split rings rust out. Go ahead and leave those on, then get one of these swivels. I have the SPRO power swivels, a 230-pound test. Big swivels for big lures.

How To Tie Spoon On Fishing Line - Tips to Rock the Spoon 3

2. Pop one out and rig it on the front. I like to pre-rig, all my spoons with swivels. That way when I'm out fishing, I can grab a spoon out of the tackle box, tie it directly onto my leader and it goes right out there, no problem. I don't need to worry about having a swivel or anything. Spoons, typically spin in the water, that's what they do. Not having a swivel on will cause you massive line twist and if you're using a spinning reel, you're gonna have a hard time.

Even on casting reels if using spoon without a swivel, I get a lot more backlashes because that line just gets twisted. I always like a pre-rig with a swivel, and then I tie directly onto the swivel with my leader. If I'm using braid in the surf, go straight to braid no problem. At the jetties, I usually try to have a little steel leader and go from there. The giant treble hook I have is hot trash, and not very sharp. Certainly not saltwater corrosion-resistant, and I like switching to single hooks on the spoon, especially for the jetties. It's gonna just kind of help you prevent some snags and make it easier to fish with. And I think you don't lose anything when it comes to hookups.

How To Tie Spoon On Fishing Line - Tips to Rock the Spoon 4

3. Grab a large number seven single hook (Owner, three X replacement hooks). I like to use the seven ought, big girls. For my treble, I have a much wider gap. But I only really have one of them, one hook that is, so when I catch a fish, I'm not worrying about how many hooks are flying around. I've had fish get snagged before on rocks in weeds.

On one of the points of the treble which minimizes that, so I pop this open. And these are again really thick so you have to get close to the end here of your swivel when you're popping it open. To try to get it open as wide as possible then slide that right in there. Push it through, and then pull it all the way around. So I like to push and then pull makes it easier, then come back and snap into place. I'm all set to get some smacks!

How To Tie Spoon On Fishing Line - Tips to Rock the Spoon 54. Use Bagley weedless spoons. The weedless spoons are the ones that I see the people mess up the most and that they tied directly to the lure on the little eye. It's super easy to say, “Oh hey, I'll just tie right on here and I'll be good to go.” You're not, you're gonna cause yourself massive problems if you tie on to that. So, I get the Owner these are the number six, hyper wire split rings. These are super strong, and I like to use these SPRO heavy swivels, they're kinda ‘barrel swivels'. But they have a relatively low profile and they're really small and lightweight so it doesn't impact the spoon as much as a big normal barrel swivel, and they still provide a lot of line twist prevention.

How To Tie Spoon On Fishing Line - Tips to Rock the Spoon 6

5. Get your split ring and swivel and pop it open in the front, spin it around, creating the barrel swivel on the split ring (do this step first because it's easier to get the swivel onto the split ring when it's not already on the lure). Then we bring in our lure and pop open the split ring, and then take the lure and spin it around the split ring. This pops right in there pretty easy. Feed it through a bit and then just spin it all the way around. Now you have it already rigged up on your swivel, ready to go. I  try to batch these up, so they're all ready to go when I pull them out of the tackle box, I don't have to do anything, I tie them on and away we go.

6. Tie your preferred knot. I don't think the kind of knot matters too much, whatever knot you're comfortable with. A uni knot, a canoe man loop knot, which you can learn how to tie by clicking the link up above. Any knot will do, make sure it's strong, and make sure you know how to tie it. If you want to see what kind of fish these spoons can catch, click on the video over here. And please hit the subscribe button so I can continue to make more videos for you.

Take care, tie lines!