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How To Design The Best Rage Craw Style Body

How To Design The Best Rage Craw Style Body 1

One of my Patrons reached out to me and needed some help building a Rage Craw style body. It's not super easy to do in the Fusion program the way I had done it in a previous video, which was to make the segments and scale them. I found an easier way to create a Rage Claw style body.

Rage Craw Style Body

The First Sketch

We'll begin by setting up a four-inch perimeter. Referring to this first part of the Rage Craw style body as “Link.” Then draw your first head section, this will be how tall you want your lure to be. Most creature-style baits are skinnier on the top and they get wider as they go down.

After setting up the height, you can set a midpoint line through the center circle. This will set up the right side of the lure, to round it off later we'll mirror the render. Now we will determine how wide we want this to be. We're going to make a construction line come right out of the center about 6 ml tall and 12 ml wide in the front.

Now we can remove the construction line, and if you look at a Rage Craw Style body the sides bow in at the middle of the base so we're going to recreate that for this example as well. Clean up the line in Fusion until you have created the rib portion of the lure. We want the head of the body that's going to go through this whole bait to be a little smaller than this, so we're going to make an offset of the rib and design a profile that we can use as the lead of the lure.

Rage Craw Style Body

Define Mid & End Sections

Create a construction plane and type in Link to set the parameter, you can type in any number and the midpoint will adjust accordingly. When you're designing this, keep in mind of your numbers, in this video we are using sample numbers, depending on how long and narrow you want, adjust your numbers accordingly.

Rage Craw Style Body

Loft the Sketches for your Rage Claw Style Body

Let's turn all of our sketches on and then we are going to use the Loft tool. Make sure you select he inside and outside of your renders. Here is where you can see how the lure will render at this point so if you want to change anything, you can edit the sketch.

Designing the Ribs

Now we're gonna break this up because this section is our ribs for our lure body. Set up some lines across the body and determine the point where the first rib starts. We want to create a rectangular pattern and apply the set parameters to the rest of the body. Finish sketch and you can select the options for the lure. Now we have a bunch of ribs floating in space. Using the fillet tool, you can go across the ribs and make them have an indention on the end. You will be left with a bunch of bodies that need to be joined together.

Cleaning it up

We're going to to turn back on our first sketch hit ‘E' for extrude and select that inner profile. Now we're going to start here extent type and  do two objects. Come back and select this back face operation is joined and now you can see you have half of the lure body. Then you can mirror the render and clean it up.

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