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How Deep is Brays Bayou?

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Today I'm answering the age-old question: how deep is Brays Bayou?

I'll be using the deeper chirp sonar that I just recently purchased so I can see how deep the middle section of the water is. Just because the depth of the area I measure is a certain depth doesn't mean it will be the same wherever you fish here. There are miles of the bayou but this is the closest I could get from my sonar.

How Deep is Brays Bayou? 1

With this sonar, I was able to check the depth of a pool and it worked fine in the water. It pairs your phone with their app, and after connecting it's ready to go into the water. My initial read from the middle was around 3 feet, but you can also change the angle you are at. In a shallower area, it only read 1.2 feet, but there is also a pretty steep drop off.

The most accurate answer that I found from this measurement was just around 3 feet, give or take the section. It is a manmade spillway so I would expect it to remain somewhat constant throughout.

With this quick video, I just wanted to gauge the area and see exactly how deep this famous bayou ended up being. If you want to see more videos like this or enjoy my content, be sure to subscribe and reach out with any questions.

Take care, tie lines!