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Houston Bayou Fishing – My Best Grass Carp?

Houston Bayou Fishing - My Best Grass Carp? 1

Today we are headed back to the bayou for some familiar fish in a slightly different setting. This is still my usual preferred location but I have moved a little bit down the bayou in order to avoid getting my feet wet. This new spot has stairs and I am very confident that this will produce results, so let's get fishing!

This shallow water has a nice current and will push all of the fish coming through into one very specific concentrated area. In my mind, the strong current will provide us with more strong fish, AKA less small guys that we have to throw back in. Look out for tilapia and large grass carp!

Word of advice for all; when you see me fishing right down by the water, it means I have looked at the weather and shown that there is no rain whatsoever. In addition, I also have weather text alerts about when the water level rises 6 inches or more upstream. Brays Bayou is not a place that you want to mess around in because you will be running up very slippery concrete in the event of an emergency.

brays bayou fishing best grass carp yet

Unfortunately, I got tangled up with a turtle who completely destroyed my hook, so I had to start from scratch and get my setup together again. Using my ultra-light setup, I was able to secure this monster and I think it might be one of my best grass carp yet! The carp like to ride the edge between the deepwater and shallow water, mostly because there are numerous predatorial animals residing in these environments like hawks.

huge grass carp caught in brays bayou

For reference, I never really see the carp feeding, but I do often find them in deep water. If you enjoyed this video, please check out more and subscribe to the channel while you're at it! Remember to check out the website to look for other awesome merchandise and helpful fishing tips. Enjoy!