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Flat Tail Connections Quick Tip!

Flat Tail Connections Quick Tip! 1

Today we’re going to talk about how to connect those flat curl tails, or whatever kind of tails you’re connecting, to your lure body directly in one of the most common ways I see. We’re going to do this in Fusion 360, of course, so let’s go.

What I have here is very simple, I just made a worm body here and I have my curl tail, no biggie. I did ensure that the width of this curl tail here was the same width as the back of the lure. It kind of makes things easier, you don’t end up with any funky connections. When I do the sketch of the curl tail, I want to make sure I add a point in there and that’s where my lower body is going to connect to my curl tail. Let’s do that real quick.

adding a tail point in Fusion 360

Place a Point on the Tail Sketch

We’re going to edit sketch and I just want to create select point, so come up here and where it goes is going to be completely dependent on how you want it to look. Of course, you can always move it later do don’t get too hung up on it. You do want it to be in the middle though, so let’s stick this one out there. So I just have a point there, and I can click finish sketch.

tail body in Fusion 360

Create the Tail Body

Now what I want to do here is extrude out my tail and so with the E key we’re going to do symmetric and distance. Let’s do 0.7 which is 1.4 millimeters total which means it’ll be thin and it will get chewed off by everything, but it’ll have a ton of action and new body is important. Alright, let’s clean this up real quick. I’m going to select both of these, hit the F key for fillet and maybe a 0.6, yeah, it looks good. So now we have this tail, but the tail is totally separate from the body.

Use a Loft

Let’s go back and bring back our tail sketch. We have that point here and we’re going to create a loft. Boom. Then, we’re going to select the back of the lure and we’re going to select that point and what that does is it immediately gives you this nice cone shape and that will be whatever shape the back of your lure is.

loft shape in Fusion 360

Tweak the Loft Shape

Now, you have some control over that as well, if you go over here and change this connection from sharp to point tangent, it tends to round out a little bit. If you grab this handle, you can round it out even further. What you’re doing is you’re taking that first profile from the back of your lure and you’re holding that profile for longer before it clamps down onto the point. So you can do that all the way up to there and you can bring it all the way back down to make it smaller. You do you.

I like what I’ve done and we can use join. If you’re all done with that section, join everything back together and you’ll have one lure body that’s all connected. Super easy.


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