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Fishing the Outflow in Brays Bayou

Fishing the Outflow in Brays Bayou 1

Today we'll be back in the Brays Bayou but this time fishing in a new spot. It's an outflow channel, and hopefully we can find a common carp or tilapia. I'm going to nickname this trio the Brays Bayou Slam, so that's the goal for the day!

In the shallow part, I had some luck with a catfish that has a larger than normal mouth. I started to go with my backup pliers to get him unhooked, but he also started to unhook himself too. Word of advice: don't put your thumb in its mouth because they will bite!

Catfish caught fishing in the Brays Bayou

Now on the opposite side of the channel, I can already spot carp before I get my spot set up. After engaging my “ninja mode” outfit, I was able to get a fish on when it was swimming upstream. I had a nice corner hook set, and this decent sized guy now helps me get 2/3 of my goal for the day. Only one more fish before the Slam is in full effect!

I'm using some bread to help catch my third fish of the day, the wind is definitely starting to pick up a bit. After quite a bit of resistance, I was able to wrangle another catfish in the net. I had one of the more challenging times getting him in the net and it felt like the year 2020 as a whole. The key to success today was definitely my “ninja mode” outfit, although I fell one fish short of the Brays Bayou Slam I was looking for. After that experience with the net, it was definitely time to call it a day.

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