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Easy Homemade Carp Bait

Man holding a Carp, outdoors, buildings in background.

Hey there, everyone! Today I wanted to take some time to teach you all how to make an easy homemade carp bait in just a few steps. For starters, you will only need a few simple materials that are as follows:

  • One package of Strawberry Jello
  • One can of Sweet Whole Kernel Corn
  • One container of Quaker Oaks Quick 1-minute Plain Oatmeal

Once you have these ingredients together, start by draining the corn in a bowl through a strainer. Next, use a second larger bowl, made of either glass or metal, and pour in about three cups of oats. From there, add the entire package of Jello into the oats and start mixing. I would recommend using a pair of gloves for this step, and then proceed to pour the strained corn into the larger bowl.

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Once thoroughly mixed together, add a small amount of the leftover corn juice that was strained out earlier. Continue mixing the now slightly wet combination of foods and juice, and eventually it should start to form a loose pack. This next step is optional, but I like to add a scent to my mixture to entice as many fish as possible. I add a healthy dose of Almond Supreme bait smoke, then continue to mix everything together even more.

After this step, the pack should now be good and loose, and if it doesn't seem loose enough then you need to add more corn juice. Alternatively, if the pack is too tight you must add more oats and work them into the mix. After the mix is exactly how I want it, I store the pack in gallon zip lock bags and keep them refrigerated.

And there you have it, your very own easy homemade pack bait is now at your fingertips! I hope you enjoyed the video, and please like and subscribe to see more awesome content like this!