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Catching Bullhead Catfish | Little Pond Lockdown Fishing

Catching Bullhead Catfish | Little Pond Lockdown Fishing 1

Today I'm going to be fishing at the little local pond to hopefully catch some largemouth bass using a lure I've never tried before, the Chatter Bait by Z Man. Carp and catfish are also on the menu using some pop-ups that I got from big carp tackle, and with the weather in the high 80s, this should be a wonderful day for fishing.

Starting with the carp, I have my rod set up with a ned rig and I'm going to hook on some Dayglo at the end as well while applying some almond smoke. I cast out my line to the middle of the pond, loosened up the drag, and then set it down to see what takes. Moving on to the next line, I cast the Chatter Bait to the middle as well, this time hoping to catch some bass. Because my other line was too close on my side, I got snagged and had to take some time to untangle them, which was a rookie mistake in the first place.

Despite the warm weather and hopes for a spring-like pattern, this was a pretty bad showing on my end and I didn't catch much besides a bag fish I ended up throwing away. I decided to move to a corner and bring some Wonder Bread to go after the catfish and carp, which should bring better results. There were some soft takes which usually indicates that a carp is on its way, but it ended up being a rather fat bullhead catfish.

bullhead catfish caught in little pond lockdown fishing

This was one of the larger bullheads I have come across in a while, which makes me think that it might possibly be pregnant. Much later in the day, I ended up catching a pretty gross diaper fish and I wanted to toss it directly into the trash along with my jig head. Today wasn't my most successful day, but if you enjoyed this video please go ahead and subscribe to the channel!