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Can a Corky Catch Bass In Poor Conditions?

Can a Corky Catch Bass In Poor Conditions? 1

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to mix things up a bit and see if it is possible to catch bass in miserable conditions while throwing a corky. It's raining, the temperature is in the 50's, and things could definitely not look any worse outside. For safety, I'll be wearing my rain jacket and a GoPro on a headset that is (hopefully) waterproof, so let's see what happens!

Just as I expected, there is hardly anyone out on the water and not even the ducks want any part of this mess. The weather in Houston is not great and appears to be continuing to fall, and I would like to clarify that I am not a corky expert! I wanted to use this time as practice and experience so that I can hopefully improve my skills for the future. Corky's are traditionally used as saltwater bait and were actually invented in Houston, Texas by a man named Paul Brown. This legendary lure is one of my top goals right now, but the geese who were previously unenthused now seem to want to run me out of the water. I've had to change locations two times but distracted them with some bread that I had brought with me.

I'm looking for my motion in the space of the line between the tip of my rod and the surface of the water. I'm also making sure there I have enough slack on the line to twitch it and avoid the tendency for it to dart out straight. Let me know in the comments if you think I should be using this much slack or not, as this is not one of the main lures I use very often. can a corky catch bass fishing

I can't say it was an absolute disappointment because I learned a little bit while I was fishing, but I left with no bass caught on the day. We all have our off days and this was not my best performance! However, if you enjoyed this content and would like to see more fishing videos, please subscribe to my channel!