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The Best Way to Buy Fishing Lures with Crypto

The Best Way to Buy Fishing Lures with Crypto 1

Buy Fishing Lures with Crypto Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge

If the Crypto winter has you down, we have a suggestion: purchase your lures with cryptocurrency. W.M Bayou has a big announcement, you can now buy fishing lures with crypto.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that is secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit or duplicate. It is distributed across decentralized computer networks, this allows the digital currency to be exist outside the control of the government. In recent years, cryptocurrency has become a method for normal people to place their cash into to make double the amount in digital assets.

Types of cryptocurrency?

While Bitcoin is the most recognizable cryptocurrency, many more have taken the reigns of being apart of everyone's digital asset portfolio. Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, and even one called DogeCoin, a cryptocurrency that hit all-time high in popularity in 2021. In short, all these are types of tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services like remain money, however these are digital assets that can be transferred instantly.

That leads us onto the current “cryptocurrency winter.” While the value of digital assets fluctuate often, in recent months, cryptocurrency has experienced a new low. The original 2021 boom during the pandemic made normal Americans a lot, but as more and more people withdraw their funds from their digital wallet, the value of the currency has gone down.

Buy fishing lures with Crypto

W.M Bayou is now the first to accept cryptocurrency to purchase fishing lures. You cannot sell your digital assets because doing so would mean that you accept the loss if you purchased crypto at a higher price than it's being sold for. If you feel like you aren't getting mileage out of your crypto investment, then now is the perfect time to convert your digital assets into the purchase of a W.M Bayou Techno Frog.

How to buy fishing lures with Crypto

We have made a simplified experience for you when you purchase when you buy your fishing lures with crypto. When you are on the checkout screen, select the Check out box and follow the onscreen instructions when it prompts you to use your Coinbase account, a digital asset wallet application. Please note that we are only accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge. Click HERE to see the Techno Frog.

There's no better time to buy fishing lures with crypto than now, especially since we are offering a special discount code on your first purchase using crypto currency. Use code CRYPTO15 at checkout to receive 15% off your first order. Not only are you dumping your unwanted crypto, but you are also receiving your Techno Frog, it's a win-win.

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