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Brays Bayou Fishing: Urban Carp Adventure

Let's go see if we can catch some carp! Today I'll be fishing in the Brays Bayou, right around the corner from my house. In this area, we've found common carp and my son caught a grass carp as well. The water level is definitely rising due to the rain but it should be easy to target now. Brays Bayou Fishing: Urban Carp Adventure 2 I'll be using a very simple pack bait of oatmeal and corn, which are used in conjunction with pop-ups. You cut the pop up in half then put it on the hook, then pack the bait into the feeder. This makes very isolated chum which floats down the stream which will bring some fish out, but not directly to my hook. #2 hooks that I use sometimes get in the way, so cut the pop up in half, and to get extra fancy you can put almond supreme bait smoke on packed bait. One of the main issues comes with casting if you hit the water hard, so walk down a bit closer to the water and try not to spook the fish. The bottom of this bait is weighted, so when it hits the water the bottom will stay there. Brays Bayou Fishing: Urban Carp Adventure 3 I caught one on my last cast of the day when the rain was coming in. I had missed three or four fish throughout the day after getting a lot of bites, but the corn was coming off quickly from my bait. You really have to be careful of the depth of the channel, so think about the angle you have or your line can be cut. I use a longer rod to keep the angle high on them. And there we go! Excellent catch and good release. The flow was a bit too high for my gear but there are definitely fish here. I've never carp fished much here but it's definitely a great spot to check out. Take care, everyone!