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Brays Bayou Fishing The Magic Spot

Brays Bayou Fishing The Magic Spot 1

Hey there people, today we are going to be fishing my magic spot at Brays Bayou now that the conditions are perfect! When it rains, all of the fish pack into this little spot that makes them way easier to catch, thankfully. The outflow from the neighborhood is what really makes this place great, and all of the rainwater comes into an area that dives down and mingles with the main part of the bayou. The water flowing down the bayou comes down very quickly, and the edge of the current has a lot of debris and trash that get sucked in as well.

A lot of fish come into this area to escape the main portion of the bayou, and they are pretty visible swimming along with the current. I'm geared up a bit heavier this time around, in which I caught three fish in only 40 minutes! I had a light tackle setup, but the water not remotely this high so it should be a good day to use my Bait Runner 4000. I have a Shimano with the bait clicker on it, but I probably won't use it.

fishing magic spot in brays bayou

I'm also using the Karate Reaper 86 which is a part of my California Surf Perch set up and is going to be a heavier tackle day. The water is fairly calm, but if they make it out to the current then I am absolutely toast. I'm using bread as bait with my ned rig, which I roll onto the top then fold over. A duck flew over to check out my fishing setup, meanwhile, I'm searching for some tilapia or grass carp.

After testing my patience, a big fish catches the line and definitely started to fight me for a while. Using my net, I had a hard time fitting him in because he was such a huge guy who was also bleeding all over. He's not hurt but struggled with me in my net for a while, so lo and behold the biggest common carp I've ever caught!

biggest common carp ever houston fishing

I had a fantastic day fishing in this magic spot, and if you enjoyed this video please remember to like and subscribe to my channel!