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Brays Bayou Fishing For Catfish and Carp

Catfish swimming in Brays Bayou.

Hey everyone, today I'll be back in Brays Bayou but this time on the opposite side as last time. I caught a couple of different kinds of carp here yesterday, so hopefully, today will be just as productive.

I have a new method for bait today, in which I take some of the pack bait and put it inside my bread, then put the hook inside the pack bait and smash it all around in there. It may look like it's too big, but you probably get a bit more flavor out of this way. There were some kids in the bayou who said they like watching my videos, so we've got fans out here!

I probably should have switched leaders yesterday after getting beat up all day, but I decided not to yet. I got a little bit closer for my cast and found a solid spot, then immediately got a fish on that appears to be a catfish. The other fish will definitely spook if we stay too close to them, but we've got to find the right area to get another good cast out.

I ended up having a knot in my line which ultimately ruined my line, which should serve as a lesson in what NOT to do. After a new set up, I got a new fish on with my ned rig, and it's a killer technique. The only problem is that I got wrapped on something in the way while reeling him in. After a lengthy struggle, I was able to get out of there, but I don't feel too good about my line right now.

This guy turned out to be a beautiful common carp, which I absolutely love. If you liked this video, please like, comment and subscribe to see more awesome content like this!

Take care, guys!