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Brays Bayou Fishing – After the Rain

Orange letters, Brays Bayou.

Hey there everyone! Today I'm back in Brays Bayou and we just had a brief rainstorm come through the area. This brings me back to the spot that I'm at today, which I'm hoping the elevated water level translates to more fish. It may not be as high as I would like it to be, but it looks pretty good for the time being. Let's give it a try!

It's raining here again but the water level is up in this section, which should make a nice break in the current. One of my setups is the method feeder, which hopefully will sit well in the break. I also have my light tackle, which will set up and hook right onto the ned rig. The only problem with the rain is a lot of trash being caught on the line.

I started out with the bread as my bait but ended up with a lot of grass on the line. After that of course, I found a rubber glove that looked disgusting. A few minutes later I was able to get a fish on and despite some struggling, I scooped up a large one! He was an awesome grass carp, and well worth the amount of time I spent trying to reel him in.

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Altogether, this was a classic example of the conditions in the area being more valuable to the experience than the spot itself. Even though everyone wants to find the perfect spot to find the right amount of fish, that spot usually has no luck almost 99% of the time. Fish were packed in there well today and I'm going right back tomorrow with some new pack bait.

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