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5 Best Ways to Improve the next GoPro

Lately, I have not been uploading as many fishing videos as I have in the past and there's a reason for that. Truth is the action cameras currently on the market aren't ideal for a very specific, but very large audience. Here's a few ways action camera manufacturers can improve the next GoPro.

Current Setup

My current setup that I use to record fishing videos includes a DJI Osmo Action, a Lavalier Mic that's attached to my hat and an external battery pack that I keep in my pocket or throw in my bag. With it being attached to my head, it's a pretty heavy setup on my head and after about three hours my neck starts to hurt and I have to secure my hat to my head because it can fall over easily.

Additionally, with my current set up, after a few hours in the Texas sun, my camera starts to overheat and typically it does not recover until I bring it inside. With all this considered, it got me thinking about a few ways camera companies can create the perfect action camera and improve the next GoPro model. A camera that would be perfect for fisherman, vloggers, mountain bike enthusiasts, and even surfers.

Improve the next GoPro

Designing the Perfect Head Mounted Camera

I got excited when GoPro and Insta360 both came out with these FPV style (First-Person) cameras. For GoPro, they released the GoPro Bones, it's a simple light-weight camera, with a rechargeable battery. However, while researching the camera, I couldn't find a way to connect the camera to a standard USB battery pack, and the cameras by Insta360 and GoPro are not water proof, so that's a no-go for surfing, fishing or kayaking. However, we can take the form of this camera and make some adjustments to make the perfect camera.

Make it Water-Proof

There's no way to avoid water when it comes to the outdoors. Even if you're not fishing or kayaking, you would still want a water proof camera to stave off rain and the elements. In a day and age where even phones are water resistant, the next step would be for more action cameras to become water proof.

Continuous Recording

It has to be able to record continuously for six hours, four on the low-end, and infinity on the extremely high end. Another component that can be implemented would be some feature that could pause the recording and then pick up the recording at any given moment with a tap or a sound so the photographer doesn't have to comb through hours of footage, and just save the last X number of minutes.

Cannot Overheat

This is a must, especially for anyone living in the Texas heat. The temperatures in the state can easily reach high eighties, low nineties in the evening and in the morning. Moreover, during the time when the camera will be used, typically you'll be in same spot, so there's not a lot of airflow, so maybe sticking a small fan or a heatsink to absorb the heat or provide some airflow to improve the next GoPro.

External Battery Support

Battery life for any of your devices is crucial. When developing your battery life it gives action camera manufactures an opportunity to do something interesting and special. Currently on my setup I use an external battery, at the very least make it universally compatible with any external battery. However, something that could be completely revolutionary could be to make a solar-powered battery back to eliminate the need for charging.

Audio Support

Currently, I use a hardwired LAV mic that has a fur-ball on the end of it, it's not exactly ideal because it's not waterproof. What would be incredibly helpful would be using a device like an InstaMic, it provides a great sounding Bluetooth mic that clips anywhere. A way to record audio would be a perfect way to improve the next GoPro.


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Best tool for mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures

Best tool for mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures 1

I found the perfect tool for mixing mica pearls into your soft plastic lures. I was working on some new lures for WM Bayou and I wanted to incorporate pearls into the designs to make a lure that is unique from anything available on store shelves. There are tons pearls, or mica, available for you to purchase that come in a variety of colors and styles and one of the problems encounter is when you mix mica.

The first mixer

Depending on the materials they use in the pearls, some of the mica tends to clump more than others, so during this process I found a tool that is perfect for mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures. When I initially ordered it, it came along with some resin that I ordered, and I figured “Hey, if they included it with resin, then maybe it'll work for plastics.” Low and behold it did, but the tool that I was using that came free, was total garbage. That lead me on a search for looking for the perfect mixing tool for mica pearls.

Second attempt

The freebie tool I received was made of a cheap plastic, ran on two batteries and had a bad switch, but it got the job done. It lead me to purchasing another mixer. This product is rechargeable, boasts a much more reliable switch, but for this tool the speed cycles through as you press the switches, so next time you would turn it on it couldn't be left at the speed setting you left it at, it would have to cycle through until it reaches your desired speed.

mixing mica pearls for plastic lures

The perfect mixer for mixing mica pearls for soft plastics

Finally, I purchased a professional milk frother from Amazon. That's right, a tool that's normally utilized for dairy products, provides the perfect solution to mixing mica into your plastic fishing lures. This one was an improvement over the mixer in every way, not only was it rechargeable, but they also had a separate button for each speed. It works fantastic.

After mixing my ingredients and mixing them with the frother, it comes out perfect every time. The only issue that you could come across is sometimes the mica could get stuck to the frother, but removing it was simple with a toothpick or stick. Make sure you keep the product clean, if the mica gets stuck in it, you could end up mixing the colors and end up with an end-result you aren't too thrilled about.

Looking for a unique lure? Consider one of the best finesse bass lures in the industry, the TechnoFrog. If you’re fishing for largemouth or smallmouth bass you’re going to want to add a pack of Techno Frog finesse baits to your tackle box. Also, check out our online shop for all the apparel you'll need! Whether you're lounging at home, mixing mica pearls for soft plastic lures, or on your weekly fishing trips!

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The Best Way to Buy Fishing Lures with Crypto

The Best Way to Buy Fishing Lures with Crypto 2

If the Crypto winter has you down, we have a suggestion: purchase your lures with cryptocurrency. W.M Bayou has a big announcement, you can now buy fishing lures with crypto.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that is secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit or duplicate. It is distributed across decentralized computer networks, this allows the digital currency to be exist outside the control of the government. In recent years, cryptocurrency has become a method for normal people to place their cash into to make double the amount in digital assets.

Types of cryptocurrency?

While Bitcoin is the most recognizable cryptocurrency, many more have taken the reigns of being apart of everyone's digital asset portfolio. Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, and even one called DogeCoin, a cryptocurrency that hit all-time high in popularity in 2021. In short, all these are types of tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services like remain money, however these are digital assets that can be transferred instantly.

That leads us onto the current “cryptocurrency winter.” While the value of digital assets fluctuate often, in recent months, cryptocurrency has experienced a new low. The original 2021 boom during the pandemic made normal Americans a lot, but as more and more people withdraw their funds from their digital wallet, the value of the currency has gone down.

Buy fishing lures with Crypto

W.M Bayou is now the first to accept cryptocurrency to purchase fishing lures. You cannot sell your digital assets because doing so would mean that you accept the loss if you purchased crypto at a higher price than it's being sold for. If you feel like you aren't getting mileage out of your crypto investment, then now is the perfect time to convert your digital assets into the purchase of a W.M Bayou Techno Frog.

How to buy fishing lures with Crypto

We have made a simplified experience for you when you purchase when you buy your fishing lures with crypto. When you are on the checkout screen, select the Check out box and follow the onscreen instructions when it prompts you to use your Coinbase account, a digital asset wallet application. Please note that we are only accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge. Click HERE to see the Techno Frog.

There's no better time to buy fishing lures with crypto than now, especially since we are offering a special discount code on your first purchase using crypto currency. Use code CRYPTO15 at checkout to receive 15% off your first order. Not only are you dumping your unwanted crypto, but you are also receiving your Techno Frog, it's a win-win.

buy fishing lures with crypto

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The Best Intro to UPC Codes for Tackle Makers

The Best Intro to UPC Codes for Tackle Makers 3

What are UPC Codes?

UPC, or Universal Product Code, is a unique string of numbers expressed as a barcode that identifies your product as unique, with GS1 being the main supplier of UPC codes and acts as the database for all unique products.

Why do I need one?

Truth be told, you probably don't need a UPC unless you are planning on selling in a retail store. If you want to get into your local tackle shop or major retail chains like Walmart, Bass Pro Shop, or Academy, these companies will require you to have a UPC. At the very least your products will need a SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, a unique code that identifies your product, so when you purchase your item at the register, your item will appear on the system; a UPC will accomplish the same. Any reasonable shop online or in-store will require you to have codes on your products, even major online selling platforms like Amazon and Ebay require UPC codes.

How many do I need?

One thing to keep in mind with UPC codes is that it also identifies the variety of product you have. For instance with the TechnoFrog lure, it comes in various colors, such as Watermelon, Black & Blue, and Green Pumpkin, all of these different colors need UPC Codes, so bare that in mind when you're purchasing UPC codes. Even items like apparel need unique codes depending on the style on the shirt. For instance, if you have a custom shirt, and you offer it in six colors, with three different sizes, you'll have eighteen unique UPC codes.

Where can you get UPC codes?

You can purchase codes from online services, even UPC codes that have been used before! However, it's best practice if you avoid purchasing a used UPC code because if you place your product on Amazon or another online selling platform, it could get confused for another product with the same UPC. The correct way to obtain a UPC code for your product is to head over to the GS1 website and go in and purchase either individual barcodes or bulk barcodes.

We purchased ten and the total was ~$450, a painful purchase considering you're just purchasing numbers. When you make the purchase you can receive a prefix, it's essentially a set of numbers that your codes with all adhere to. Personally, not a big issue of the numbers on your barcodes for your products don't have matching prefixes, it would just be for internal consistency purposes.

scanning upc codes

Does EVERYONE need UPC Codes?

If you're only going to sell your products online, you don't need codes for your product, it's not technically a requirement. However, if you want to sell into retail organizations, typically they will require UPC codes for your products. However, you can get a code in a matter of minutes.

If you're looking for GSO apparel for your next fishing trip, click here to browse our exclusive online collection. Take care, tight lines!