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Best Lure Details with Fusion 360 Chop and Screwed

Best Lure Details with Fusion 360 Chop and Screwed 1

So you want to add details to your lures but you want to keep them constrained in the certain areas of your lures? Today I'm going to go over best practices to make the best lure details with Fusion 360.

starting to make details with Fusion 360.

Prepping the Lure Body

Here I have the start of a paddle tail I'm working on. I've sculpted the body & I've split it in two because we only need to work on one section. Now we're going to go about adding some details to this lure.

The first thing to do is to create a sketch on the same plane that I used to split my lure in two. Then select ‘Create a Project' and select the geometry on the outside. Select ‘Hide' and the result will be an outline of the lure. Once you have your outline, think of it as the foundation of your design, now we assign where the body parts of the lure will be placed.

For the purposes of the lure I'm designing. I'll carve the head by using a fine-point splice & bend. Then, insert a line that splits the top and the bottom half of the lure to the middle-half of the tail. After this we can bring the body back by clicking ‘Unhide' then using the ‘Split' tool on the first arc, and then split it again once the arc has been removed.

You'll be left with a lure that is split at the arc, resulting in the ‘Head' on the top-half and then the bottom-half of the lure all accomplished to make the best lure details with Fusion 360.

For the purposes of this guide, we won't go into extreme detail on the full detail of the lure, we have plenty of videos that can be found here if you're interested.

What we're attempting to replicate is something you see on a lot of lures where the top-half has the cross hatch kind of pattern and the bottom has you know single line pattern on it so we're going to create a sketch on the same plane.

details with Fusion 360

Rectangular Patterns to create Lure Details with Fusion 360

We're going to create a sketch on that same plane that we've been working on. Begin by using the line tool that goes the length from the top to bottom, so when you stretch it out the pattern needs to be long enough. Next we're going to create a rectangular patten on the plane and we're going to from left to right across the lure, we're setting this up based on how you want it to look.

Next we're going to repeat the same process using the line, we're going to go across with the line tool. At a 30 degree angle on both sides it creates a cross hatch pattern all the way through. From here we can use these lines and pull them longer so we can place them accordingly.

‘Finish Sketch' and lock the top layer of lines so that you're only working the bottom layers of lines.

more details with Fusion 360

Project to Surface

Using the ‘Project to Surface' selection, it allows you to select the appropriate faces for your lure, in the last section we highlighted that you can pull the lines out longer, during this step you'll be selecting the bottom half of the lines, since they are longer they are easier to select. This should allow you to select the image vector and and ‘Finish Sketch.'  The same will be applied to the next selection of the top lines. During this process you will receive plenty of errors but you can ignore them.

What you will be left with is this frame-like structure. Using the ‘Create Form' then select ‘Create Pipe' and go along the frame one at a time. If you do not then you will be met with an error denoting intercepting figures. Click ‘Finish Form' and we can clean the intersections.

final product

Clean up the Midline & Bring it all together

In order to clean up the lure, is to add in a midline and ‘Create Form' once the midline has been added in you can combine your bodies together to bring the design together.

Once you're at the end and have your design, we can mirror the body and apply it to the opposite side, once that has been completed you'll have your completed lure.

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