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Back Slide Rigging the Techno Frog

Back Slide Rigging the Techno Frog 1
Alright, let's talk about back rigging, back glide rigging or whatever you want to call it. Back glide rigging a Techno Frog gives it a totally different action underwater which is really cool, especially if you're skipping under docks or lily pads or any kind of cover. I first saw this technique on a video by the guys over at Hook Up Tackle out of Arizona. They cover a lot of JDM fishing stuff and this is a technique that I had never heard of before and I wanted to try it on the Techno Frog and it worked phenomenally well.
So let's start out with the hook. I found that these owner twist locks, and this particular model (5167w) is best because the weight is in the back by the curve of the hook which is going to give it the action that we really want. You can, obviously, use other twist lock hooks like we have in our other rigging video. If you do use the other hook, you'll want to grab that weight and slide it back to the curve with your pliers. I think a lot of people don't realize that you can move the weight wherever you want to relatively easily with some pliers.
rigging techno frog lure
Alright, so how do we rig this thing backwards? Well, you take the screw lock and you literally stick it right into its behind and the more center you can get it the better. Then, twist that bad boy down and I'm making this more difficult by having the line on there first, but when you get closer to the bottom what you want to do is hang it. This helps you to make sure it's the right way and we are upside down right now so you can move it forward or whatever to make sure it's hanging straight. If it's off to one side more than the other, then it'll glide more to that one side. Then get your hook in the middle and boom.
Now this is not completely weedless, but it's got a pretty good profile especially because the lure is going to be falling down the middle. You'll see as you use it that you're not likely to get hung up on something until you jerk it back. You can cover the back if you want and it will give you a little bit of cover there but the hook really wants to pop out because of the way it's designed. You can try that, but you're not going to hang up that much because there's not much of those there.
rigged techno frog lure in water
Alright, let's see how this thing looks in the water. So the way this tank is set up, I can't really get in the middle so it's going to act a little bit differently than it would in the real world. But, you'll get the idea. So you see it wants to basically fly away and glide away so if imagine this is you throwing it up in a dock, it's going to go deeper under that dock and really glide away. This will get you a kind of “hunting and seeking” action and it's really cool. What I really like about it is that you get this leg kick and it gives you more action than if you were fishing it in a standard format. The Techno Frog was designed for finesse but I really like the glide fall on it and how it just swings away.
Alright guys, I hope you use the technique because it's really cool. Thanks again to the guys of Hook Up Tackle for sharing it with the world!
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