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Know All About the Best Lure Bags

Know All About the Best Lure Bags 1

A question that comes up in Facebook groups I’m a part of is, “where can I acquire bags for my soft plastic fishing lures?” If you are facing the same issue then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve compiled the tips and tricks all about lure bags so that you don’t make the same mistakes we did. 

Basic Lure Bag Option

For the standard bag you have two options, the first being a bag that can be purchased from It’s essentially a Ziplock bag, while it’s not rigid, it’s super cheap and comes in various different sizes. I’ll use this bag to send samples of bait to testers. In our last blog, we discussed how you could purchase bulk lures from D&J Plastics, these basic bags could be used to package your lures along with some branded cardboard and sell them like that, however when it’s packaged in a standard bag, you’re showing this is a budget friendly option. 

Standard Bait Lure Bags

The next option you have would be a standard bait bag, I’ve purchased these from You can also get them from most lure shops. These are also available in various sizes, are more rigid and higher-quality than a standard Ziplock bag, and come with a hanger so you can display these in your storefront. From a material standpoint, these are the lure bags that you want for anything you're doing. 


So now that you’ve decided on your bag, now you can make it your own. The first way you can customize your lure bags are with stickers. You can bulk purchase stickers very inexpensively, in fact if you look online for stickers and you hop on to Facebook, you’ll be treated to multiple introductory offers from sticker printing companies. You will have to design the sticker logo, and you can include information about what’s included in the package like the color, model number, quantity, and of course, your company logo. Stickers offer a cheap way to brand your lure bags and it elevates the look of your product. 

Lure Bags

Pro Level Lure Bags

The highest level of bag you can use for your soft plastic fishing lures are screen printed bags. These plastic bags are double-side, printed with multiple colors and sport a high-quality sealed bag. However, it’s rare for manufacturers in the United States to use these lure bags. If you want to showcase a custom design on your lure bags you can consult with Chris Sands at Advocate Graphics. The process for a screen printed bag goes like this, if you want to build a bag, you’ll have to get the template for the lure bag, so you can accurately place your artwork within the dimensions of the template.

Generally speaking however, you should consult with someone who is knowledgeable in graphic design. Expect to drop more money based on the quantity of lure bags you get and the amount of colors that are used for printing. If you're dealing with a Chinese manufacturer, also expect additional shipping fees and an extended shipping time frame. 

Bad Design Tips

Keep your design simple with less colors and keep the bags generic so you can use them for other products. In the corner of some bags, you’ll see safety warnings, like a California Prop 65, you’ll want to make sure that you include these warnings on your lure bags and account for them when designing your bags. Also, when making your bags make sure you leave plenty of space for your product to be showcased on your lure bags. Avoid creating busy bag designs that obstruct the view of the lures inside. 

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