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About the Techno Frog

About the Techno Frog 1
So the original concept of the Techno Frog was very much about fishing a frog and it's not like any other frog lure you've seen before. Everybody's used to throwing the top water frog, it's a classic and it's been done for a long time, but frogs don't only live on top of the water. Did you know that bullfrogs are one of the biggest predators of bass eggs? When they're on the spawn, they're not doing that for the top of the water, they're getting down in there and eating it up!
So we wanted to design a lure that specifically targeted that instinct in a bass to really whack the crap out of a frog that's down in the water, swimming around and we have done it. This is the Techno Frog.

The Techno Frog and Ways to Fish

So this lure smacks the crap out of bass, they have an instinctual reaction to it as it flutters by. You can fish it on a Ned head, if you have a hard bottom you can twitch it along on the bottom. My favorite way to fish it is with an owner twist lock hook with a 1/16th ounce weight on it. It hooks perfectly in the back and it's completely weedless, you can throw that thing up in the lily pads all day long and they absolutely inhale it, especially when you drag it across the top of that lily pad.
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The Rigging Nose of the Techno Frog

One thing you'll notice on the Techno Frog is there's this little piece of plastic sticking out of its nose and that was a key part of our design which makes it like no other lure that I'm aware of. You'll see a lot of frogs, or even fish, imitations that are just the shape of the fish and ricking those can be very difficult and tricky. You have to get some special hook and parts that you can only be made in places like Taiwan and blah blah blah.  So we said, you know what, we don't want fish like that. We want to have a variety of ways to rig this, but still get that very lifelike shape and appearance of a frog and that's why we came up with our ringing nose. You can throw a net head on it which comes out perfectly in the top of the frog's head, you can use an owner twist lock hook which comes out super weedless because that hook comes right up the back of the head, there's a million ways to rig it and hope you find one that works for you.

Keeps the Bass Guessing

If you've ever fished a lake where everybody gets on some kind of bite, whether it's a topwater frog or a Senko or whatever, you'll notice that it's hot for awhile and then it tapers off because the fish get used to it. I can tell you the fish in your lake have never seen a lure like this one so I hope you'll check out the Techno Frog.

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The website is which is linked HERE and use the code technofrog15 to get 15% off your first order. You guys are going to smash the crap out of the fish!